Diggin' For Diamonds

Every day is an opportunity to discover and polish the gems of our character. This powerful song from Red's Parents' Choice "Gold" Award-winning CD, "Hello World", captures the excitement and joy of purposeful living.

Digging for Diamonds

I'm digging for diamonds, looking for gold
Tunneling round down deep in my soul
‘Cause everything that I might be
Is laying down there just a-waiting for me

There's ruby reds and lapis blue
Topaz, turquoise, emeralds, too!
I never know what I might find
But whenever it is I know that it's mine

Whoa, diggin' for diamonds
Whoa, prospecting for gold
I know I'm gonna find them
Waitin' for me down deep in my soul

It's hot down there but I can take the heat
The pressure on the coal makes the diamonds sweet
It gets dark but that's alright
‘Cause I'm gonna carry me a great big light

I'm pouring down sweat, swinging my axe
Puttin' in the hours and thems the facts
Every gem I get to shine
My Lord! It feels so fine!


Mama's got gold and Daddy, too
Brother and sister, I know they do
I got, he got, you got, she got
Everybody got gold and that's the truth

(Double Chorus)

Diggin' for diamonds, lookin' for gold

© 1995 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer

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