See Me Beautiful

We know how it feels when someone looks past our shortcomings and sees the truly good, capable, caring person we are striving to be.  This heart-stopping song has been used by teachers, parents, and therapists all over the world to help us open up to the beauty and worth in those around us...and in ourselves. One of Red's most well-known and beloved songs, "See Me Beautiful" was used extensively by the late Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication, in his life-changing work in conflict zones across the planet.

Themes: Empathy, understanding, love

See Me Beautiful

See me beautiful
Look for the best in me
It's what I really am
And all I want to be
It may take some time
It may be hard to find
But see me beautiful

See me beautiful
Each and every day
Could you take a chance
Could you find a way
To see me shining through
In everything I do
And see me beautiful

© 1986 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer



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