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Family Fun

Family Fun

It's easy to rush and bustle so much that we forget to have fun as a family! Here are some songs that will take you to the happy zone where singing and silliness are alive and well!


Barnyard Boogie- Are Mom and Dad clucking yet?

Tickle Song- Who is the most ticklish in your family?

Can You Sound Just Like Me? - Can you?

Down By The Sea - The motions on this one are great. Make up your own verses about your favorite things to do at the beach.

Place In the Choir - Check out the motions!

Big Rock Candy Mountain - Every kid's dream...

Guy With The Polka Dotted Tie - This one's a gem!

Wimoweh - Ok! Everybody take a different part.

Gary, Indiana - Sing along with Red's son, Andy. This is from when he was 9 yrs. old. You know him now from his song, "Honey, I'm Good"!

Bobo See Wattin Tattin - How fast can you sing this?

Buono Appetito -What's on your favorite foods list?

I'm All Filled Up - This is a perfect song to sing out when everyone is feeling good!


Game Songs

Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea - See if you can keep up with the motions!

Finger Play -Great for little ones.

Ready Set- "...put your arms way up in the air... wave 'em around while you've got 'em up there!"



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Red Grammer Concerts

Red Grammer Concerts

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