The sign language to “On The Day You Were Born” is included on Red Grammer's DVD/Video
Hooray for the World!

Materials Needed

“On The Day You Were Born” from Red Grammer's recording, Hello World

Artwork for:

  • A baby

  • A sun

  • Hands and feet

  • Horns

  • Big smiles

The art work of the items listed above is at the end of this lesson. You have permission to print and make copies of them onto large construction paper, foam board, or poster board. Use markers, crayons, or paint to color them.


The student that is being honored for his/her birthday sits in a chair holding the picture of the baby. One student stands behind holding the sun. 2 or 3 students stand to right (or left) of the birthday student holding feet on sticks. Another group of 2 or 3 are holding the smiles on sticks. Two students hold the horns and a group of 2 or 3 are prepared to be the choir.

Play the song “On The Day You Were Born” as the students sing along. As the song is playing:

1. On the day that __________ (the sun is lifted and raised over the birthday child's head)

2. ___________ was born (the birthday student holds up the can also add the name to the baby)

3. The angles sang (the choir sings “The angels sang and they blew on their on their horns” and point to the horn blowers)

4. And they blew on their horns (the 2 students raise the trumpets and blow...or use real trumpets!)

5. And they danced (the feet on sticks are moved up and down like they are dancing)

6. They smiled (the smiles come up to the faces of the students holding the smiles in their hands)

7. And raised up their hands (the hands “dance” in the air)

8. Repeat 1 and 2 for the end.




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