"Vocal powerhouse Red Grammer takes a refreshing tack by accentuating what's right in the world..." Sesame Street Parents

Teachable Moments

Teachable Moments

Some of the most important conversations we have with our children happen at the most unexpected times. The great thing about Red Grammer’s music is that it constantly creates opportunities for these special moments to occur. Whether it’s dealing with shyness, learning to look past the shortcomings of others to see their inner beauty, standing up for what’s right or the multitude of other topics that Red gently weaves into his songs, there are endless openings created by his music to talk about the things that really matter to you and your children.
Here are a few of his songs that do just that...

Say Hi! - Shyness

See Me Beautiful - Seeing everyone as beautiful, even when they’re being difficult

Integrity - What does it feel like to do the right thing when no one is looking?

Listen - Heartbeats sound the same everywhere no matter what color or background a person is.

Place In the Choir - Even really different people can work together

On The Day You Were Born - Wow! Everyone is a miracle, aren’t they?

When I Get A Feeling - Can I make friends with all of my feelings?

Time Together - We need to do this more often

Digging For Diamonds - What treasures are waiting inside of me to be found?

With Two Wings - What does the equality of the sexes mean?

Shining Eyes - I see so much when I look in your eyes

Patience- It’s hard sometimes, isn’t it?

I Am A Bucket Filler - What kind of person do I want to be?

“Superstar to the young and a hit with parents too!” CBS this Morning

Red Grammer Concerts

Red Grammer Concerts

“Belief, resilience, and joy fill his music.” Parent's Choice